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As security experts, you can be sure of full compliance with all of our solutions. RetailCompli is the easiest way to achieve PCI compliance.

Return on investment

Make a huge return on investment with Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi. Receive real-time customer insights, which you can use to target marketing messages.

Customer support

We are always available to provide you with any support you require. Both solutions come with a support line, and RetailCompli is monitored 24/7.


All of our solutions are delivered over hardware that is certified for use, ensuring unbeatable levels of reliability and performance.


WiFi comes with customised landing pages, content filtering, customer analytics, and more. RetailCompli features a CDE, firewall, and more.


We pride ourselves on our competitive rates, giving smaller businesses the ability to compete with large companies. Contact us for a quote.

Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

From cafes and hotels to barber shops and chiropractic clinics, all businesses could benefit from providing guest WiFi. This is something customers now expect. With our solution, you will not only cater to demand but you can boost loyalty and profits too. We’ll send you real-time data about all connected customers, which you can use to send targeted promotions and such like.

You can also make the most of other exciting features, such as social login and customised landing pages. You will have all of this while having complete peace of mind, as our solution is 100 per cent compliant with all applicable legislation, including the Digital Economy Act and the Data Protection Acts.

Customised Landing Pages

The marketing opportunities are vast when taking advantage of our guest WiFi solution. One of the ways we help to promote your business is through a customised landing page. Your landing page is essentially your digital shop window – it’s the first thing your customers will see when they go to connect to your WiFi network. We use this to brand your business to full effect.

You can include your business’s logo and anything else you think will have a positive impact on your consumers, for example, special offers or information about an upcoming event. We also give your users the ability to login using their social media account, which makes it much more convenient for them.

Customised Landing Pages