Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi for Hotels

Free WiFi is one of the first things customers look for when booking a hotel today. It is no longer acceptable to not have WiFi available. There are some hotels that charge their customers to access WiFi, but this is something you should consider carefully, as it can have a negative impact on your brand image. Customers feel cheated when they need to pay for WiFi, as they see it as something that should be included with the price of their overnight stay. By offering free WiFi, you are assured to attract more people to your hotel and there are a lot of other benefits you can make the most of as well.

With the Retail Secure solution, there are many ways you can market your business to full effect in order to create loyal relationships and ensure repeat business. This is because we will send you real-time data about all of your connected customers. This gives you a great insight into those that are staying at your hotel. You will be able to use this to target your marketing messages more effectively, no matter whether you send discount codes for your hotel store or information about upcoming events. This is an exceptional way of securing repeat business or advertising parts of your hotel, from the spa to the bar. You can manage the customer insights via a simple and easy to use interface where it is easy for you to tweak your content campaign.

You can also make the most of a fully branded landing page. The landing page is the webpage that your customers will see when they go to connect to your network. We customise this page to ensure it is optimised to market your business successfully. It will include your logo and any other marketing messages you deem to be important.

One important factor to note is that there are laws in place regarding the provision of WiFi. Unfortunately, this is something a lot of hotels do not realise and thus they are breaking the law, which could result in huge fines and even imprisonment. This is something you don’t need to be concerned about when you choose Retail Secure, as our solution is fully compliant with all applicable legislation, including the Data Protection Acts and the Digital Economy Acts. If you have any further questions about guest WiFi for hotels, please do not hesitate to get in touch.