Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi for Pubs

Nowadays, good grub and a great pint is not enough to entice customers, you need to offer more if you are to make them stay in your pub as long as possible. Did you know that approximately 60 per cent of people look for free WiFi when choosing somewhere to eat or drink? This statistic alone shows that you can give your pub a competitive edge with guest WiFi. Plus, with the Retail Secure solution you will be able to make the most of numerous marketing platforms that are designed to boost your business.

Most business owners are sceptical about offering a free service, and rightly so, but you will soon make your money back on guest WiFi, plus more. Not only will you attract more customers to your venue, but also WiFi ensures they stay longer and thus spend more. Retail Secure will also send you instant data about all of your connected customers. You can use this to target your marketing messages more effectively. For example, you could send customers push notifications about a special lunch deal you are running, or you could give them a voucher code to use on their next visit as a way of securing repeat business. The options are endless, from messages about upcoming events to happy hours.

You will also benefit from a customised landing page. Your landing page is what customers will see when they go to connect to your WiFi network. We will ensure that this page is optimised to brand your pub to full effect. It can include your logo and any other marketing message you wish to incorporate, whether it’s information about a special offer you have running or some of the drinks you sell. Customers also have the ability to login using their social media account, enhancing convenience and improving your service to them.

One thing that really does make our solution stand out is the fact that it is 100 per cent compliant. There are numerous UK laws that relate to guest WiFi, including the Digital Economy Act and the Data Protection Acts. Unfortunately, not all pubs providing WiFi know about this, and they are breaking the law without even realising it. This could lead to enormous fines and in some cases imprisonment. Luckily, this does not concern you, as our WiFi solution complies with all applicable legislation. Give us a call today to find out more.