Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi for Restaurants

If you don’t offer guest WiFi at your restaurant, you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Nowadays, when looking for somewhere to eat and drink, most people consider whether WiFi is available or not. In fact, it influences approximately every six out of ten people. When you choose the Retail Secure solution, you will not only be able to attract more customers but you can increase your profits in other ways as well, as our solution offers numerous marketing opportunities.

Restaurant owners simply cannot ignore customer WiFi. Not only will you get more customers through your doors, but you will encourage them to stay longer as well, which will in turn result in them spending more money. We will also send you real-time data about all of your connected customers. You can use this data to send targeted messages. For example, you can send your customers voucher codes that they can use on their next visit or you can send them messages about any upcoming event you are having at your restaurant. The options are endless, but with the insightful data we have provided you will be able to ensure that the messages are constructed and targeted for maximum effect, increasing your chances of making a sale.

You will also benefit from a customised landing page. A landing page is essentially your digital shop window. This is the page that your users view when they go to connect to your WiFi network. With our solution, we optimise this landing page to ensure it brands your business effectively. It will, therefore, include your logo and any other marketing messages that will have a memorable impression.

One thing that really makes our solution stand out from others is the fact that it is 100 per cent legally compliant. There are a lot of restaurants in Ireland that offer guest WiFi, however, a large proportion are doing so without any consideration for the laws that are in place. They could easily end up facing enormous fines or even imprisonment. This is something you never have to worry about, as our solution adheres to the Digital Economy Act, the Data Protection Acts, and all other applicable laws. If you have any further question about how our solution benefits the restaurant industry in particular, or you would like to get started, please do not hesitate to get in touch.