Legally Compliant Guest Wi-Fi for Taxis

Taxi WiFi can really set your business apart from other taxi companies in the area. Imagine if your customers had the ability to send emails, listen to their Spotify playlist, and speak to their friends on instant messenger while on the go. They would surely choose your taxi company over others, wouldn’t they? With Retail Secure’s Legally Compliant Guest WiFi solution, not only will you attract more customers but you will be able to make the most of several marketing opportunities as well.

There is no denying that guest WiFi is the ideal way to set your business apart. Nowadays, customers demand to be connected while they are on the go. Whether they simply want to pass the time or they need to get in touch with the person they are meeting, WiFi access is in high demand. With our solution, you’ll attract more people to your taxi firm and you will be able to maximise your profits through customised landing pages and real-time analytics.

Your landing page is like your digital shop window – this is what your customers are going to see when they log onto your WiFi network. We give you the ability to make the most of this page, as you can customise it to market your business effectively. Include your logo and other marketing messages that are going to make a memorable impression.

You will also receive real-time insights about all of your connected customers when you choose our solution. You can use this to send instant marketing messages to your users, for example, you can send a voucher code for them to use on their next journey. All of this data is sent to a simple and easy-to-use interface where content can be changed with ease. This could easily be managed at the taxi rank.

One thing you do need to be mindful of is security. This is where Retail Secure sets itself apart. We have over 25 years of experience in this area, and thus you can be sure that our WiFi solution is fully compliant with all applicable legislation, including the Data Protection Acts and the Digital Economy Act. This is not the same for a lot of the other taxi companies that offer WiFi to their customers, and they could easily end up facing massive fines, and, even worse, imprisonment. If you would like to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.