Compliant Guest Wi-Fi

Take your business to the next level with Retail Secure’s Legally Compliant Guest WiFi solution. Customer WiFi is something that consumers have come to demand in the current day and age. It does not matter whether you run a taxi company, a hair salon, or a café, your customers want to be connected. If you do not act quickly, you could find yourself losing out to the competition, as they provide their customers with the guest WiFi they crave. Act now and you will gain a competitive edge bigger than you probably thought possible.

This is because there is more to guest WiFi than meets the eye, especially when you choose the Retail Secure solution. Of course, you will cater to customer demand, and this will attract new consumers to your venue while also increasing satisfaction amongst your current clients. This alone gives you the opportunity to boost your profit levels.

Huge marketing potential

Guest WiFi has huge marketing potential. You will be able to make the most of customised landing pages. This gives you the chance to brand your business effectively, including your logo and other marketing messages, ensuring you make a lasting impression on your customers. You will also receive instant insights about all of your connected customers. You can use this to target special offers, voucher codes, and other marketing notifications more effectively. You can discover more about marketing with our guest WiFi solution by clicking here.

Full compliance

It is worrying to see so many companies that are offering guest WiFi with little thought for the laws that are in place. With Retail Secure’s solution, you have the backdrop of full compliance. We have designed our solution to fully comply with the Data Protection Acts, Digital Economy Act, and all other applicable legislation. We also provide an effective content filtering feature, which makes certain that all inappropriate material is blocked from your customers’ view.

Ultimate reliability

We have built a reputation on core values of security, performance, and reliability. Our Legally Compliant Guest WiFi solution is delivered over hardware that is certified for commercial use. This guarantees that you supply your customers with the most reliable service possible. After all, we recognise that the solution we provide has a direct impact on the way customers view your business.

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