Marketing with Wi-Fi

Retail Secure’s Legally Compliant Guest WiFi solution presents you with many ways to market your business to full effect. A lot of business owners are sceptical about providing free WiFi for their customers. After all, any free service needs to be scrutinised to ensure that there are other avenues for money to be made. This is certainly the case with guest WiFi.

Brand your business with a customised landing page

Your landing page is like your digital shop window. When customers access your WiFi network, this is the page they are going to see. With our customised landing pages, you will be able to make the most of this page, incorporating your logo and any other compelling marketing messages. This ensures you make an instant and memorable impression on all of your users. You can also give your customers the ability to sign in via their social media accounts, which enhances convenience and user experience.

Send targeted marketing messages thanks to real-time customer insights

You will enhance your marketing campaign significantly because you will receive real-time insights about all of your connected customers. You can use this to target your marketing messages more effectively. With Retail Secure’s solution, this is all managed via one easy-to-use interface. Whenever a customer connects to your WiFi network, you will receive valuable insights. You can then use this to tweak your content then and there. This means that you can send instant push messages to your customers, encouraging them to spend more at your business. Alternatively, you can send the likes of voucher codes to encourage repeat business in the future. The possibilities are endless, but with the valuable consumer insights you can ensure intelligent marketing decisions are made.

Attract more people to your venue with guest WiFi

You will also be able to attract more customers once you have guest WiFi installed. You should make this known by placing a poster or something similar in your business’s window. Nowadays, more and more people consider WiFi when they are looking for a business, which is why it is always wise to make it known that your venue provides free WiFi.

As you can see, you are bound to make your money back on guest WiFi, and more. You will also attract new customers and boost loyalty with your current ones. This is the perfect way to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in the area, but you will need to act soon otherwise you may find yourself being left behind.